What if a The DAOist never had to end?

A Plug-and-play coordination dreamland in the heart of sun-kissed Lisbon. Built by DAOists, for DAOists.

coordinated by

dawn DAO ambassadors

dawn DAO ministries


Let’s talk about your Residency.

The Hub is ready. It was built to help you and others focus (and collaborate) your way through the most challenging aspects of any project. We are happy to support anyone innovating towards a more equitable and decentralised future.

You don’t have to read about how we design residencies, but you can. The best way to find out how we can help is jumping on a call.

No upcoming residencies yet. Want to set up one? Hit the link below
There are currently no scheduled residencies. Want to set up one? Hit the link below
No ongoing residency at the moment
the daoist embassy

Immersion and togetherness, customized.

A Tech, art and governance playground for DAOists working on what truly matters. Sleep, wake, eat, work and play in it until the job is done.

550sq m, 3 Floors, 9 Rooms, co-working spaces for 25+ People, 5 dormitories, media factory, art studio, wide balconies, big garden, and a pool.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can visit?

Dawn delegates have direct access to the house via digital key access, including to the dormitories (subject to availability). They can apply to visit via this link.

Do I need to pay to visit? 

No, but donations to our multisig (thedaoist.eth) are encouraged and highly appreciated. ♥

Who can come co-work with me?

Delegates in the co-working space are welcome to invite collaborators over to co-work or enjoy the garden. If there is any risk this becomes a significant social event, management appreciates that this is discussed beforehand with all other house occupants.

How is the Metahub funded?

By The DAOist sponsors, specifically Dawn Ministers and Ambassadors. The Lisbon Metahub is in its essence a proof-of-concept for a research center on collective victories - what Elco likes to call "spaces of pregnant emptiness" - whatever that means. These sponsorships come with governance in Dawn and many other benefits that can be checked here. Schedule a call with the team to learn more.

I don’t have connections in Dawn DAO, can I still apply for a residency?

Yes. While Dawn DAO members have priority in setting up a residency, anyone can apply with a proposal that will be developed in conjunction with The DAOist's team. Your idea does not have to be fully fleshed out - we are all about those cultural public goooodzzz.

I don’t want to apply for a residency, but can I propose something?

Ideas are welcome, as long as they come with a prototype and execution plan and not just suggestions. Please write it up and shoot it over to hello@thedaoist.co

If I want to make a personal call or a meeting where can I go?

There are 5 rooms from which you can currently take calls. The Garden and balconies has plenty of space if you don't need that much privacy.

Can the pool be used anytime?

Yes. 😎

What's the address?

The address is secret.

Still have questions?

Use the link below and set up a short video call with one of the Metahub stewards.