Ada Jonuse
Senior consultant @ Blockchain Centre
CEO of Lympo.io // Blockchain entrepreneur, consultant, mentor, Web 3.0 enthusiast, women empowerment agent
Aleksandra Jaroszynska
Co-founder of DAOCraft
Banxy and her team have been working with DAOs and soon-to-be DAOs to ensure decentralization and autonomy are there to stay and indeed, change the world.
Alex P.
CEO & Product Architect @ Āut Protocol
Italian polymath, world-traveler, and Experience Designer - with expertise in Distributed Governance, Collaborative Economics and Game Theory.
Alistair Langer
catalyzing radical systemic change
For 15 years, I’ve been acting as an agent on behalf of organizations weaving complex multi-stakeholder coalitions together for big causes.
Anne Brüning
Social paedagogue, Alternative Healing Practitioner, Performance Artist, Bodyworker, Laughter Yogi
Anton Chernikov
Regeneration, transformation, ecovillage, architecture
Founder at House of Transformation & Selgars Mill
Antonio Paglino
Post National Planetary Bioregionalist
Floridaman by birth, Regenerate by choice. Yield farmer by day. Lunar yogi by night.
Antonios Triantafyllakis
Charlie Fisher
Governance Coordinator @ Traditional Dream Factory
Charlie has spent the last ten years working on community land trusts.
Claudius Hausl
Art education cultural events
Dana Hawwash
Yoga Teacher
Independent consultant and a yoga and meditation teacher.
Daniel Ospina
Instigator @ RnDAO
Organisation and Social System Designer by trade. Instigator at RnDAO, ex head of governance at Aragon and visiting lecturer at Oxford Said.
Darina Onoprienko
Coffee Carbon Collective
Darina is a coffee professional and entrepreneur, she digs deeper into the world of ReFi and supports ReFi Berlin Community.
Denny Ehrlich
Co-Creator of Beenius
Denny has been living multiple lives already in multiple locations around the world such as Egypt and Kenya. He has made the transformation from being a campaigner into Social Innovator who designs simple solutions that are simple to adapt and easy to apply for anyone.
Dylan Lee Lowry
listener, improviser, seeker
Dylan Lee Lowry is dedicated to exploring care and connection in creative ways.
Ela Kagel
Founder SUPERMARKT / Platform Cooperatives Germany
Digital strategist & founder of SUPERMARKT Berlin. Board member of Platform Cooperatives Germany eG.
Elizabeth Debold
Evolve World
Founder, One World in Dialogue; Co-Founder, evolve Magazin; author; developmental psychologist; Co-Founder (with Thomas Steininger) of emergent dialogue.
Emelie Bergius Winter
Co-founder @LaMatrice
Creative manager, environmental entrepreneur, experiential education, MSc Environmental Science
Etienne Salborn
Chagemaker-maker and Founder of SINA (Social Innovation Academy)
Etienne Salborn is a changemaker-maker and the founder of  SINA (Social Innovation Academy), an award-winning model enabling disadvantaged youth and refugee communities in Africa to unleash their potentials as social entrepreneurs.
Felipe Duarte
Sonido Sur
Felipe Pyky Uba Tyba Duarte is a Colombian born musician and film maker. For the past 10 years he has visited the indigenous communities of the Kamentsá, Wiwa, Arhuaco  and Muisca. Recognized as a Muisca by their Authorities, Felipe was recently appointed the representative of the international council of the Muisca community of Fowe.
Felix Weth
Cooperative entrepreneur @ FDO Solutions
Human being & world citizen
Franz Josef Allmayer
Whole Systems Integrator Hypha/SEEDS/Integrity.Earth
Franz Josef Allmayer is a serial entrepreneur and regenerative practitioner.Reshaping and repurposing money such that it serves a world in which people and the planet thrive, motivates Franz to create the tools, processes, and on the ground collaborations to support the development of bioregional economies of abundance.
Frederico Reichel
Listener, Grouper, Translator and Lawyer.
Growing between Germany and Brazil, bridging different languages and systems was the basis for my professional work. Today, as a lawyer I connect migrants and creatives to the bureaucratic systems, so that they can open spaces for their own interests.
Friederike 'Rica' Kaufel
UU minister and curator for the Unitarians in Germany
Until recently I lived in Southern California, where I worked as a Unitarian Universalist minister and also facilitated workshops about anti-racism in institutions and cultural competency.
Geordan Shannon
Founder @ Stema.org | Planetary Health
academic / doctor / global citizen Translocal solutions + community+ blockchain + #planetaryhealth
Grace Rachmany
Priceless: an economy that preserves aliveness.
One of the leaders in the areas of tokenomics, blockchain governance and distributed technology.
Hanna Kuikka
Blissness coach
Author, Creative, Life & Blissness Creation Coach
Inna Chilik
Sensemaking Lead at Climate-KIC
Inna is a systems change orchestrator, deploying the concepts and methods of systems innovation and circular economy as a pathway to transformation.
James Redenbaugh
Founder of Iris Cocreative
I'm an entrepreneurial nomad obsessed with relationally, relatedness, interconnectivity, inter-subjectivity, organization design, technological evolution, and human beingness.
Jeremy Akers
Facilitator @ GravityDAO, Regens Unite, Wise Crowds LSDAO
Obsessed with including and unleashing everyone with the surprising power of Liberating Structures
Jon Eden Khan
Founder of Singularity - A Transnational Political Party Dedicated to the Earth as a Single Living System
Jon Eden Khan is a transformational leader, mentor, and facilitator, living in his beloved home city of Berlin.
Kieran White
Co-Founder & CEO at Return Protocol
Kieran is the Co-Founder & CEO at Return Protocol, a venture backed ReFi company with the mission to onboard the next 1 billion people into regeneration. Before that, he was the COO at a venture backed climate-tech startup and co-led operational projects with Tesla.
Klaus Bravenboer
Regenerative facilitator
Founder and facilitator of Hack Humanity. We create opportunities for transformation through contribution by running human centred hackathons & retreats.
Kris Decoodt
DAO Operations Lead @ Gitcoin DAO
Lunarpunk Cat Herder
Laurence CC
Design Lead @ weco.io
Laurence is a metamodern game designer and regen theorist.
Leen Schelfhout
Co-founder @AllforClimate and @Regens Unite, facilitator @Open Facilitation DAO
Facilitator, rebel, firestarter, chameleon, mom, usually full of energy, love for life. Very worried about society and our planet.
Luana Schwengber
Co-founder of Symbiosfera
Luana is a Dj / Musician born in Brazil exploring a more Regenerative Music Culture.
Matt de Caussin
keeping psychedelics un-monopolizabe
connector + catalyst 🌵 core at PsyDAO ✨contributor at MaHalla 🔮 Into radical, visionary projects that create more beauty and magic in the world ✨ KERNEL KB7 🌱 DAO builder
Maximilian Hachtmann
Ontological Coaching and Leadership Development in Web3 and Beyond
Maximilian studied Sociology at the Technical University of Berlin, placing a particular emphasis on the development and interaction of technology on culture.
Melissa Cuevas Flores
former Research Fellow - Alexander von Humboldt Foundation International Climate Protection Fellowship Program
Melissa started her career in the Global South co-founding an NGO focused on the development of small communities through capacity building in Mexico.
Miholyn Soon
Designer & Researcher
Miholyn Soon is a Malaysian-Chinese designer researching how to build trauma-informed technologies. She has a human rights, social science & storytelling background, and spent her life across Asia, Europe and the US. She currently works at Curve Labs on the launch of the ReFi project Kolektivo.
Miliaku Nwabueze
Design Researcher | Constellation Architect
Black. Queer. African. An anti-disciplinary designer and writer who bridges the gap between our politics and praxis by constructing spaces, black futures, and relationship goals.
Morgane Oléron
Community living, coliving
Copywriter, Content Creator & Community Architect - Author of Have Your Cake And Share It Too
Nicole Reese
Ecovillage Design
Ecovillage Specialist & Educator
Niklas Limacher
Magician in Residence & Co-Creator of Collaboration Nation
Co-founder of the Swiss non-profit ReFi Zurich, worked at Carbonbase, and is now working at Restate Foundation as magician in residence.
Nupur Jalan
International tax / Transfer pricing / Web3 / Legal / Finance / Digital & data economy / ESG
Othmane Moustaouda
PlayfulCare steward and Software Engineer
Othmane is cultivating and creating connections between (well)being, arts, inner-universe, technology and heart-centered life.
Pierre-Alexandre Klein
Ecosystems and communities
Weaver and decomposer, ecosystem architect, community builder, futurologist. PhD in neuroscience.
Rafael DAOcraft
Plan, Do, Review. DAOcraft.
Rafael is the co-founder of DAOcraft, a contributor at DAOs, and a proponent of unlocking the potential of all participants.
Rebecca Collins
The Relationship Designer
Rebecca is a relationship coach, with a deep fascination about the experience of being human.
Rina Nowak
embodiment educator
I am a soma-aware facilitator and embodiment educator to enable the integration of our animal body and soul consciousness to help bring about authentic and unconditioned expressions of human essence as part of the larger web of life.
Robin de Carteret
Founder of Systems Games
Robin de Carteret is a facilitator and consultant with a knack for bringing his scientific knowledge to groups in innovative and fresh ways.
Ruby May
Devotee of the Yin. Facilitator, Community & Connection Catalyst.
I design experiences and teach people skills in how to connect in deeper ways: from the foundation of how we relate to our bodies and our innermost being, to relating to others and our planet.
Rūta Žemčugovaitė
Artist and regenerative design researcher
Multi-disciplinary artist, writer, facilitator, and researcher based in Berlin.
Samar Linn
In the space between right and wrong, freedom dances.
Born in Cyprus to a Palestinian father and American mother, Samar Linn was initiated from the start into a world of different cultures, a wide range of perspectives and the way human behavior is influenced by its stories.
Schwarze Katze
Serial Web3 Founder, Investor, Advisor
Die Schwarze Katze is a pseudonymous little Black Kat with paws in DAOs, DEXs, generalist DeFi and decentralized investments, alike.
Simon Knoop
Manager of the Huni Kuin Project
Simon's background is from biodiversity conservation. Currently, he is managing the Huni Kuin project run by the Berlin-based NGO Living Gaia: The implementation of a model area for Indigenous-led conservation, combining ancient and innovative methods.
Sofie Roehrig
Politics Research & Artist
As a creative consultant for the NGOs People Beyond Borders and Viva la Vida, I've been facilitating art and healing workshops with refugees and displaced people.
Theresa Fend
Relearning how to Human
Theresa Fend is a facilitator, community builder and climate activist committed to fostering regenerative cultures through collaboration, care and play. In her work she is exploring the intersections of collective trauma, somatics, creativity and social change.
Thomas Steininger
evolve world
Co-founder of evolve magazine, evolve Radio, philosopher by training
Thorsten Wiesmann
Cohere-Network, Moos Berlin
Working on the redefinition of the human according to the nature of the noosphere that also redefines the human's reality in the now as actually operated by non-linear and non- dual thinking informed by measures of inner knowing and synchronicity.
Xavier Damman
Entrepreneur, Dad, Citizen. System Change, not Climate Change.
lukasZ 'syriusz' staneK
artist in action / defending nature
Artist in action (artivist) / climate and social justice activist / physical theater and visual artist / non-violent direct urban action designer and trainer / deep ecology and nature walk guide and trainer / 44 y.o. student of life
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