Regens Unite London

Mar 15
March 2024
London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom

A gathering in London for technologists, healers, artists, hackers, environmentalists and creatives to establish new relationships, understandings, and unite.

about the event

Join us for Regens Unite London 2024 at Space4, just around the corner from Finsbury Park, on March 15th from 11:30 to 21:00. Regens Unite is about cultivating a shared commitment to creating a better future for people, communities, and the environment.

Whether you're actively engaged in sustainable solutions for yourself, your community, your business, or the environment, Regens Unite London 2024 is the place to connect, share ideas, and forge meaningful relationships. 

It is the place to spread the word about things that you are passionate about ,and inspire the world of somebody else who never thought about those things that mean the world to you before. You can read about all our previous events here.

In partnership with Space 4, Furtherfield, The Blockchain Socialist, Breadchain Cooperative, ReFi DAO & ReFi London, Outlandish Cooperative, and Celo, we welcome you to join us, share your glow, and lighten up other people’s worlds! We cannot wait to welcome you between us!

In association with Eth London.

The space is limited for 50 participants, so grab your tickets before it is too late.

We will be using open space technology to facilitate the event. We have in mind a few speakers, and you can be one of them to!


11:30 - Registration

12:00 - Lunch and Welcome

1:00 - Sharing Circle / Setting the Mood

2:00 - Our Shared Context Exercise

2:30 - Open Space Technology

3:00 - Talks / Workshops / Seminars

7:00 - Cooldown

7:30 - Drinks and Hangout

Current Speakers/Sessions

Joshua Davila - Using web3 for collective sensemaking workshop

Monty Merlin - Intro to Web3 Public Goods Funding

Luuk Weber - ReFi Fundamentals

Ruth Catlow

Nick Almond

Dana Hawwash

Leen Schelfhout



  • Our relation to technology
  • The good and bad of web3 technologies
  • Arts and culture
  • Cooperativism
  • Environmentalism
  • Bodywork and yoga

What is Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology is a method for organizing and running conferences or meetings, where participants are invited to co-create the specific sessions that will be included within. This is also sometimes referred to as an “unconference”.

Program Schedule

schedule app for mobile
In the app, you can see which sessions are happening in real time and create your own schedule

about the venue


SPACE4 is a coworking, training, and events space located two minutes from Finsbury Park station.

SPACE4 is dedicated to digital activists, social innovators, and the generation of progressive ideas.

SPACE4 was set up by a tech-for-good worker-coop called Outlandish. We believe in cooperative principles and values.

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Leen Schelfhout
Co-founder @AllforClimate and @Regens Unite, facilitator @Open Facilitation DAO
Facilitator, rebel, firestarter, chameleon, mom, usually full of energy, love for life. Very worried about society and our planet.
Dana Hawwash
Yoga Teacher
Citizen of the world, a yoga and meditation teacher, and a believer in the power of healing through breathing, movement and vulnerable communication.
Joshua Dávila
Joshua Dávila is the author of Blockchain Radicals: How Capitalism Ruined Crypto and How to Fix It and is behind The Blockchain Socialist blog and podcast.
Monty Merlin
Passionate advocate for ReFi & Regeneration, including a TEDx talk titled 'Can Crypto Regenerate the World'. Monty is a founder at ReFi DAO, board member at Trusted Seed, and public goods steward at Celo.
Thomas Barker
Web3 Developer
Writer of 'Digital money techniques allow creation of unforgeable tokens' and web 3 critic who shared co-working space with some of the early Ethereum Foundation.
Shannon Wray
Open Collective
"Eco Tech Hippie" exploring emerging technologies, governance, spirituality, co-living and regeneration.
Ruth Catlow
Co-founder and co-director of Furtherfield, and co-principal investigator at Serpentine Galleries Blockchain Lab. Working for fairer and more connected cultural ecologies and economies
Nick Almond
CEO of FactoryDAO, a DAO that builds DAOs

photo gallery

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Regens Unite is for everyone inspired and aligned to regenerate. After it's inception on May 2022 in Brussels, it turned into a community and DAO which now runs as a commons. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on what this community is building.
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Regens Unite is for everyone inspired and aligned to regeneration. From the start, Regens Unite is both a community and a commons, formalised as a DAO. Every participant, whether organiser or attendee, is a member of this Commons. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on what this community is building.
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